I get asked all the time, “How do I keep my artwork clean?
It’s easy! Treat it like something that can be scratched and needs some non-harsh cleaner sometimes.

If you live near the sea, clean it with a microfibre cloth. Use a duster for the tops of canvases and that thin layer of dust that settles over time.

If you have finger smudges/oily look on your artwork, you can use some acetone, windex or other glass cleaners. Apply that with a microfibre cloth and it will be good as new.

Something that some people don’t think about is sun exposure. Allow your piece to hang on a wall that only gets 4-5 hours of filtered sunlight.

Make sure the wall it’s on doesn’t give off moisture but keep in mind not to place your piece in a room that can get over 40ºC, as moisture isn’t good for back of work.

Enjoy your clean artwork!